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Best Dive Sites In British Columbia

This Best Dive Sites map has been put together by our friends at Northwest Dive News Magazine and the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia.

While there are hundreds of awesome dive sites in BC, for beginners all the way up to expert divers, this map lists some of the more popular British Columbia dive sites by geographical area, and includes a brief indicator of the maximum dive depth.

Follow the link above for a PDF full page color version, and dive in to this site to start booking your dives.

Whether you are coming as an individual diver and joing a charter, or are coming with a whole group, we have loads of great dive sites for you.

Contact CoolDives to help put some dive information together for you...

Dive Sites By Region of British Columbia

British Columbia is fortunate to have some of the world’s best dive sites and is becoming recognized as a premiere year round scuba diving destination.

Professional and recreational divers consistently rank British Columbia as one of the best places in the world to visit and dive.

To help plan your dives, I've split this great dive destination into the following favorite areas and favorite British Columbia dive sites:

1. Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

- Whytecliffe Marine Park

- Porteau Cove Provincial Park

- HMCS Annapolis (Coming to Vancouver in 2009)

- Kelvin Grove (added January 2009)

2. Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

- Race Rocks (Victoria)

- Ogden Point Breakwater (Victoria)

- 10 Mile Point (Victoria)

- GB Church (Sidney)

- Christmas Point (Sidney/Saanich Inlet)

- HMCS MacKenzie (Sidney)

- 737 Artificial Wreck (Chemainus)

- Wreck of the Del Norte (Chemainus/Nanaimo area) (added January 2009)

- Dodd Narrows (Nanaimo)

- HMCS Saskatchewan & Cape Breton and Rivtow Lion (Nanaimo)

- Row And Be Damned (Campbell River)

- Seymour Narrows (Campbell River)

- HMCS Columbia (Campbell River)

- Mozino Point (Nootka Sound)

- Browning Wall (Great wall dive near Port Hardy)

- Hunt Rock (Port Hardy)

- Nakwakto Rapids (Port Hardy)

- Six Gill Shark Territory (Flora Islet / Hornby Island)

- Renate's Reef (Barkley Sound) (added January 2009)

3. The Sunshine Coast

- Skookumchuck Rapids

- Former HMCS Chaudiere

- Saltery Bay - Mermaid Cove

- Fearney Bluffs

- Tuwanek Spit (Added February, 2009)

We have provided some dive reviews, and will be adding dive site reviews from users of this site and more detail to our dive information on an ongoing basis.

Feel free to contact our recommended dive vacation travel agent to put together a scuba vacation package for you as well.

Or if you need a local Vancouver Scuba Safari organizer to pick you up and accompany you on your dives, or teach/refresh your diving skills, contact our expert divemaster.

If you're interested, check out where Rodale Scuba Diving Magazine picked as their Best Dive Sites in British Columbia?

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Your information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.

You can also opt out any time you wish.

Important Information

All dive information on this site is the opinion of the author(s) and is intended for general information purposes only.

Before diving anywhere, talk with an experienced local dive shop. When possible, dive with a group, and always dive with a buddy.

Please plan your dive and dive your plan.

Be safe.

Submit Your Dive Review

Where do you think is the best dive site in British Columbia?

Share your knowledge and submit your dive site review and your recommendations for other divers to consider.

Submit your review and you'll automatically be entered for your chance to win this beautiful, 156 page, high quality photo book by local Vancouver Island artist and diver, Wendy Rose Carey.

This hard cover book has stunning full color underwater photos taken around the waters of Vancouver Island.

Check out Badger Publishing for more details or to order your own copy.

If you mention this CoolDives site when you order, the publisher will have the author personally autograph your diving in British Columbia copy.

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