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Dive Ogden Point - It's So Close To Town

Dive Ogden Point and see why the merging of the nutrient rich waters of the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, have helped to rank Victoria as having some of the world’s best cool water diving.

Ogden Point Breakwater, a popular visitor and dive site, is located just a few minutes outside of downtown Victoria.

The Ogden Point Breakwater safeguards the Port of Victoria and is an 800-metre long breakwater constructed of granite blocks and concrete.

Even though the breakwater is a marine sanctuary, fishing is allowed so watch out for fishing lures and lines in the area and ensure you have your diving knife with you at all times.

There is also an on-site Ogden Point dive store and cafe for after your dives - how convenient is that?

There are five scuba dive flags painted near the top of the west side of the Ogden Point Breakwater, with related plaques at the bottom stone of the breakwater directly in line with each flag.

The plaques provide a description of what you can expect to see while diving in the area, and the compass directions to the next underwater plaque.

Entry to dive Ogden Point can be from the beach, breakwater or a dive boat.

Use your dive flag due to the fishing and boaters in the area.

Also be careful when entering from the breakwater due to the barnacles and concrete blocks covered by bull kelp.

The various dive markers are located at depths ranging from entry level to around 35 meters (115 feet) at the deepest spot.

You can see some beautiful underwater pictures of Ogden Point, along with a dive summary at the site of Mark Hiebert, one of our viewers.

What Can I See At Ogden Point?

At Dive Ogden point, you can expect to see Bull Kelp, Sleeping Canary, Tiger, Black, Yellowtail, Puget Sound and Quillback Rockfish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Harbour Seals, Dogfish, Rat Fish, Wolf Eels, Black Eye Gobys, Greenling, Lingcod, Perch, Flounder, Kelp Greenling, Grunt Sculpins, Decorated Warbonnets, Mosshead Warbonnets, Burrowing Sea Cucumbers, Chitons, Hairy Lithoide Crabs, Brittle Stars, Metrudium and Plumose Anemones, Abalone, Crab, Puget Sound King Crab , Swimming Scallops, Ghost Shrimp, Nudibranchs, and more.

For an excellent description of two exciting days of diving in Victoria, follow this Scuba Diving Magazine Dive Ogden Point link.

If you would like to see more close up pictures of diving at Ogden Point in Victoria, see the amazing underwater photography at Robots4farms.

Important Notes

All dive information on this site is intended for general information purposes only.

Before diving anywhere,talk with an experienced local dive shop in the area you wish to dive.

When possible, dive with a group, and always dive with a buddy.

And please return here to complete a dive site review after your dive.

For more detailed information about many other local southern Vancouver Island area dives, you might want to read Greg Dombowsky's diver's guide: Vancouver Island South.

This book has great detail and sketches about dive Race Rocks and other local Vancouver Island dive sites.

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