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The HMCS Annapolis is Sinking - Awesome Diving to Come

That's right - the former HMCS Annapolis, a 113 meter (371 foot) destroyer that has proudly helped to protect Canada since 1964, is sinking (or soon will be) in Howe Sound near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

And that means more awesome diving in BC for local divers and visiting scuba divers alike!

Once again, the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia is leading the project and is busy preparing another former Canadian warship to serve it's final mission - as a home to more incredible marine life in the waters of Howe Sound near Vancouver.

She will be the 9th underwater tourist attraction that the ARSBC has sank in British Columbia over the past number of years, and this one is certain to be the most unique and most popular of all of our artificial wrecks and reefs.

Originally considered to be the most modern of our fleet back in 1964 (my birth year - and they're decommissioning her already??!), she was the last of the West Coast steam turbine, Sea King helicopter carrying, destroyer escort ships.

In addition to her great size, the ship will also offer divers a chance to view the helicopter deck and hangar, and an exterior bridge on the upper deck.

And what's even more exciting is that the sinking will be closer to Vancouver than any of their previous artificial wrecks.

She was even featured on several local news channels and papers recently.

May 1, 2009 Update

Updated information about the sinking of the HMCS Annapolis can be found on our Diving in British Columbia News page.

Help Sink The Annapolis

As is always the case with creating artificial wrecks here in BC, the ARSBC is doing an exemplary job of preparing the ship for it's new mission, and ensuring it is properly de-commissioned and cleansed of any environmental hazards.

And they need help now! The ARSBC is a non-profit society and they need resources to help with this exciting diving adventure.

If you want to explore and work on this ship before she becomes British Columbia's newest artificial reef, then please see the HMCS Annapolis page on their website for more details.

Be An Early Diver On The Annapolis

And now that the sinking has the blessing of the Squamish First Nation people (the ship is being sunk in their territorial waters), divers from all over the world are getting excited.

The HMCS Annapolis will be sunk in 2009 (prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics in BC) and a waiting list to dive the Annapolis is starting already.

CoolDives has partnered with a Vancouver dive charter operator to offer divers the chance to dive on the newest artificial wreck, after the initial sinking weekend.

To receive more information as it becomes available, simply send us your information on the form below.

And as the years go by and the marine life moves in, this will be sure to become another of Canada and British Columbia's Best Dive Sites.

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