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Diving BC News - What's New For Diving in British Columbia

Diving BC News is a page of new finds, interesting articles, and other useful information all about diving in British Columbia.

It is also a summary of major new additions to the scuba diving in B.C. website.

We will either provide links to other pages on this site, or direct links to other sites and articles of interest.

If you have any Cool Diving News or special dive offers, contact us and we will consider adding it to this site.

Site Build It!

October 8, 2009 - New Pictures from Whytecliff Dive Site

Thanks to one of our viewers, Lee Newman, we have some great new diving BC pictures of the diving at Whytecliff Marine Park, located just a few minutes north of Vancouver.

This is one of the favorite local shore dive sites for diving in British Columbia, and apparently these photos were taken on a day with bad viz.

Can you imagine how great it would be with good viz!?

There are a number of new photos on the Whytecliff page so have a look and get a feel for what this site has to offer.

Please feel free to send in your photos or reviews and help add great content to this site.

Thanks for the photos Lee.

October 1, 2009 - Vote To Win Free Dive Gear

Vote for your favorite British Columbia Dive Site and enter to win a free set of dive gear!

Scuba Diving Magazine's "Top 100 Dive Destinations" closing date is coming up fast, so don't miss your opportunity to show the world how incredible Diving in British Columbia really is.

Your rankings decide which dive destinations get the top prize for visibility, encounters with big animals, wreck diving and more.

The results will be published in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue.

To sweeten the deal, SCUBAPRO is offering a new set of gear, including an MK25/S600 regulator, Equator BC, three-gauge console, Jet Sport open-heel fins and a Spectra mask to one lucky winner chosen from all entrants.....nice!

Your rankings for destinations are priceless, but this special dive offer kit is valued at $2,258, so don't miss your chance to win!Vote now!!

September 15, 2009 - Congratulations to our newest Open Water Divers

Cooldives congratulates Joey and his wife, who are our most recent couple to complete their Open Water Certification after taking private scuba diving lessons.

Like many other busy business people, they have always wanted to learn to dive but couldn't find the time with their hectic work schedules.

But thanks to Cooldives, they are now ready for diving BC and to dive anywhere else in the world with their PADI certification, and there is already talk about continuing on with their Advanced diver training.

Have a great time guys, but remember to always practice and upgrade your skills, and plan your dive and dive your plan!

Dive safe!

September 4, 2009 - Excitement Under And On Top of The Water - Welcome Vancouver Whale Watch!

British Columbia has some of the best cool water diving BC in the world, and is also one of the best places in the world for whale and marine life watching.

So we are pleased to welcome a top notch whale and marine wildlife watching company to our site - Vancouver Whale Watch.

Not only does Vancouver Whale Watch provide an adventure of a lifetime with first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards and added value from an on-the-water education of the west coast eco-system, they also offer great service and a guarantee that you will see a whale or you can return until you do.

They have a 90% whale sighting success rate, and while you travel to find the Orcas (Killer Whales), you’ll have the opportunity to see a wonderful marine ecosystem, including bow riding Dall’s porpoises, sea lions, bald eagles, seals and more.

"We have just returned home after a fabulous holiday touring western Canada. One of the days we spent with you looking for Orca making a life long ambition come true and would like to say a big thank you especially to [our Naturalist] ... for an absolutely fantastic and memorable day. Photos did not turn out as good as I hoped but the best pictures are locked away in our heads for a dull day in the office when the rain is pouring down outside and sunny holidays are a distant memory.

We hope to enjoy a trip with you again in the future and will certainly recommend you to all our friends.

Once again thank you to all you lucky people who must have one of the best jobs in the world."

Karen & Tom Paterson (Scotland)

September 1, 2009 - Support Needed For Sinking of the Annapolis

The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia is looking for your support for the HMCS Annapolis artificial reef sinking.

Please help diving BC by printing out and filling in this Annapolis support letter and scanning it with your signature, then email it back to:

[email protected] or [email protected]

You can also send it by mail to:

ARSBC c/o Vancouver Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1A3

You can also choose to print off and fax to

Thanks for your Diving BC help!

August 29, 2009 - Kelvin Grove Closed To Divers

While diving at the popular, diving BC site at Kelvin Grove near Lions Bay has been controversial, it is now considered against the local by-laws to dive there.

Non-locals can face large fines if caught diving there, so you may want to consider a different British Columbia dive site for now.

Enjoy Diving BC wherever you go.


- A great posting about Kelvin Grove from our well known 'opinionist' Rafe Mair.

- a continuing posting of opinions on Scubaboard Forum site

August 1, 2009 - Amazing Kayak Adventures in British Columbia

Imagine sitting breathlessly in your kayak, the water dripping silently off your paddle tip into the water, as a family of Orca whales glide mere metres away from your boat.

Minutes earlier, a group of seals swam beneath you, as a bald eagle, with a wingspan as wide as you are tall, soared just meters above your head.

Hey, wait a minute, where did those seals go and why are the orcas licking their lips!?!?

And in the distance, snow capped mountains loom over ancient rain forests where the First Nations people lived for centuries, and bears continue to forage daily on the shoreline for their dinner.

Now stop dreaming, and come experience an amazing British Columbia kayaking tour and diving BC adventure.

And now, book through CoolDives or ask for the Cooldives price when you call, and save 5% on kayak adventure tours.

July 31, 2009 - HMCS Annapolis Sinking Location Update

Divers from around the world are eagerly awaiting the sinking of the HMCS Annapolis, and we now know where she may be sunk.

The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, who, along with many volunteers, is working tirelessy to prepare the Annapolis for sinking, is undergoing the permitting process to sink the ship in Halkett Bay, which is about 15 kilometers from Horseshoe Bay 40 kilometers from Vancouver.

Located in scenic Howe Sound, Halkett Bay is a beautiful location on Gambier Island, with steeply sloped mountains, rugged coastlines, and scattered islands and blue waters of the sound that offer a breathtaking visual experience.

Howe Sound has long been popular with pleasure boaters because of its close diving BC proximity to Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Squamish population.

Halkett Bay is currently used by boaters for both day-use and recreational activities such as swimming, wilderness camping, kayaking, picnicking, hiking to Mount Artaban and overnight moorage.

“Halkett Bay has all the right physical and biological features we look for in site selection. The bay is also sheltered for winter diving and has a gentle current that will deposit all manner of aquatic organisms onto the superstructure and is only 10 km from Horseshoe Bay.” said Howie Robins, President of the Reef Society. “We are currently under the permitting review process and once completed we will be in a position to set a sink date."

“With the sinking of Annapolis on the mainland side, we effectively close an eco-dive tourism travel loop allowing divers to visit each sink site thereby adding to a unique WRECK TREK adventure experience second to none in the world.” Robins said.

However, local residents and boaters are currently protesting the addition of diving BC divers to their area. The ARSBC has prepared an Annapolis discussion paper, and is looking for divers to review and send in their comments.

Please help support this exciting addition to diving in British Columbia.

With your help, we will become even more popular as one of the best wreck dive destinations in the world.

June 5, 2009 - New Dive Equipment - First Extendable Dive Rescue Flag

Introducing the H.E.L.P.- the Handheld Emergency Location Pinpointer - the world's first extendable emergency location device.

While we don't ever recall seeing an incident of a diver being left behind while diving BC, we have all heard a number of recent cases of missing divers (or missing dive boats!?) in tropical locations - a divers second-worst fear!

The Dive Flag is a telescopic flag designed specifically to give scuba divers a method of getting attention on rising to the surface.

The H.E.L.P. dive flag is a brand new piece of kit that we think every diver, snorkeler, boater, and even hiker should carry with them, and is:

- only 200mm long, extendable to 1500mm and is easy to store in your life jacket, BCD or knapsack for hikers.

- lightweight and made primarily of fibreglass composite

- visible in the water from 3,000 meters away

Just pop the top and extend the flag when you are at the surface - and you can easily be seen by the dive boat.

Increase your diving safety factor and check out this new piece of scuba diving safety equipment.

We really liked it, and the only problem we had was our lanyard didn't fasten easily to it.

Easily solved with an extra metal ring though.

May 15, 2009 - BC Named One of The World's Best Wreck Dive Sites

In the 'new and improved' May issue of Scuba Diving magazine (which we really like the new format), Wreck Diving BC was named as one of the World's Best Wreck Dive locations.

With our many artificial wrecks and natural wreck dives, British Columbia has something to offer all levels of divers.

Some of our more popular wreck dives include the sunken 737 in Chemainus, HMCS Chaudiere, HMCS Saskatchewan, HMCS MacKenzie, Del Norte, HMCS Cape Breton, and the HMCS Columbia.

We will also soon have the HMCS Annapolis to dive on - see below for details.

More information about some of our wreck dive locations can be found on our Best Dive Sites page.

Ensure you have the proper scuba training and certification, and contact us to line up your Diving BC Wreck Trek.

April 25, 2009 - Introducing The Beautiful Art of Judi Wild

As part of our dream to introduce Westcoast scenery and marine wildlife artwork to the rest of the world, we are pleased to introduce you to the first of our artists - Judi Wild.

This image is one of a set of 4 related prints created by her, and reflects her passion with our First Nations history and amazing British Columbia wildlife.

Visit her website and check out her other beautiful artwork in more detail. And congratulations Judi on completing your amazing new piece!

Please support our artists and support diving BC.

March 25, 2009 - Nautilus Explorer Almost Sold-out For 2009

The 2009 diving schedule for the Nautilus Explorer's British Columbia and Alaska trips hasn't even started yet, and there are only a few limited spaces available for the whole season.

Soon to be a sell-out for the 2009 season, there are just a few spots available on the 7 night May 16, 2009 Diving BC trip to Port Hardy and the 10 night Vancouver to Sitka, Alaska trip on June 13, 2009.

Read this viewers review of the Nautilus Explorer, and contact us for booking details.

This is the best liveaboard scuba diving vacation in British Columbia!!

Northwest Dive and Travel Expo

April 25-26, 2009 Tacoma, Washington

The Northwest Dive Expo is the largest and most highly anticipated dive and travel show in the Pacific Northwest, for those who love diving BC and the surrounding areas.

Their weekend-long dive and travel exposition focuses on everything under the emerald green waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including:

- how fun and easy it is to breathe underwater and to learn how to scuba dive

- fun, educational diving information seminars

- Travel and dive site information for the PNW, including Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, as well as warmer dive destinations

- and much, much more.

See our Special Offers page for a 50% off admission coupon.

And see our Northwest Dive Expo page for more information about the underwater treasure hunt and dive expo.

February 22, 2009 - Shrek Spotted At Tuwanek Spit

Once again, Shrek, the famous underwater Ogre, was seen by scuba divers enjoying the wonderful shore dives at Tuwanek Spit near Sechelt, British Columbia.

Unfortunately, the divers didn't have an underwater camera, so if you have a picture of 'Tuwanek Shrek', specific information about where he has been spotted, or other pictures of this great dive site, please send them in to us.

Rumour has it Donkey is there too but most divers can't find him?

In the meantime, information about this wonderful Sunshine Coast dive site has now been added to our list of favorite dive sites.

February 15, 2009 - Renate's Reef Dive Site - A Wilderness Dive Destination

Renate's Reef, a beautiful pinnacle dive site in Barkley Sound, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, is the newest addition to our list of favorite British Columbia dive sites.

In addition to the spectacular wilderness surroundings, you might see six gill sharks or sealions in addition to a ton of other colorful marine life.

Check out the links and book your dives! There are lots of other dives in the area for all levels of divers.

February 3, 2009 - Spectacular Wilderness Adventure at the Rendezvous Dive Adventure Lodge

If you are looking for a spectacular wilderness adventure in addition to a great diving trip, then The Rendezvous Lodge is for you.

This is one of British Columbia's first dive lodges and has been safely hosting divers in Barkley Sound for over 30 years.

It is set amidst some amazing scenery and is surrounded by all kinds of wildlife above and below the sea.

The hosts, Peter and Kathy, are tremendous, and they are also currently offering special low dive prices for those wanting to dive in March of 2009.

This is a great place to bring your group for an awesome dive trip.

Mention "CoolDives09-2 when you book for best pricing.

January 17, 2009 - First Newsletter Launched

We finally have our first Diving in BC newsletter created and an easy-to-complete on-line subscription form working.

Please sign up (see below the tabs on the left of your screen) to see our first Diving BC news letter or to receive copies of future backissues.

To view backissues, go to CoolDives Newsletters

We plan to issue these information newsletters at least quarterly, or whenever there is enough new information to make them worthwhile.

We will not bombard you with a ton of useless information, and you can easily opt out any time you wish - just good diving BC information.

Please note: If you filled out the previous form, you must unfortunately complete the new opt-in form for security reasons.

Thanks for your continued support of Diving BC.

Click for more Diving BC News...