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Scuba Diving License - Learn Before You Dive

Obtaining a scuba diving license is actually pretty cheap and easy.

The training you receive is priceless!

As with any other adventure sport or thrill-seeking activity, there is a certain amount of risk involved with scuba diving.

But by ensuring you are a properly trained and certified scuba diver by a PADI or NAUI authorized dive shop, you will minimize the risk and maximize the excitement of exploring under the water.

Once you successfully complete a PADI scuba diving course from a certified PADI scuba diving school, you will receive a scuba diving license - which is actually called a ‘Certification Card.’

This Certification Card must be carried with you anytime you plan to scuba dive.

A scuba diving store or Scuba Dive Charter/operator will require you to present your Certification Card before they'll allow you to dive.

And a Scuba Diving resort or store will also want to see your scuba card before they rent you any equipment or fill your air tanks.

Many diver-wanna-be's also wonder about the age when children can take scuba diving lessons?

I have links below to some of the introductory dive classes for children as well as adults. I also have a page called scuba children with more information.

Please do your research, as the evidence related to the safety of diving for children is inconclusive.

Where Can I Get A Scuba Diving License in B.C.? Click here

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

There are many top quality scuba diving stores that offer scuba diving lessons in British Columbia.

While many of our dive shops are located on or near the Pacific Ocean (also known as the Emerald Sea), others are spread out all over British Columbia to cater to local scuba diving enthusiasts.

Wherever you live in British Columbia or will just be visiting, there is a reputable dive shop near you.

Depending on your work or your vacation schedule, you may also want to consider flexible private or semi-private scuba diving lessons as well.

With planning, you can enjoy the great dives here and be a certified scuba diver at the end of your holiday.

There are two main organizations that teach and certify scuba divers – NAUI and PADI.

Both offer excellent training courses from introductory scuba lessons all the way to Master Scuba Diving lessons, with many exciting dive lessons in-between.

My scuba lessons were all PADI so I will mainly focus on their courses.

To view the PADI list of scuba courses, click here

Click on one of the following courses for a general introduction to each:

PADI Bubble Maker Program (for children)

PADI Seal Team Program (for children)

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course (for all ages)

PADI Open Water Diver Certification (generally over 12)

PADI Advanced Open Water Course (After your Open Water Course)

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To get information on our recommended scuba lesson providers and pricing, simply complete the form below and we will be happy to get you on your way to being a certified diver.

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