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Cool Diving News - What's New For Diving in BC?

Cool Diving News is a page of new finds, interesting articles, and other useful information related to diving in British Columbia.

It is also a summary of major new additions to the CoolDives website.

We will either provide links to other pages on this site, or direct links to other sites and articles of interest.

If you have any Cool Diving News, please email the information to us and we will consider adding it to this site.

January 17, 2009 - First Newsletter Launched

We finally have our first newsletter created and an easy-to-complete on-line subscription form working.

Please sign up (see below the tabs on the left of your screen) to see our first newsletter or to receive copies of future backissues.

To view backissues, go to CoolDives Newsletters

We plan to issue these information newsletters at least quarterly, or whenever there is enough new information to make them worthwhile.

We will not bombard you with a ton of useless information, and you can easily opt out any time you wish.

Please note: If you filled out the previous form, you must unfortunately complete the new opt-in form for security reasons.

Thanks for your continued support.

Here Now - Diving Art in British Columbia

B.C.'s largest collection of Diving in BC related art

UPDATE - we have started to add amazing new artists to the site. See British Columbia Artists for more details.
The staff at CoolDives, British Columbia's most successful diving promotion and information site, is currently in discussions with some of British Columbia's well known, and not so well known yet, Artists.

Our goal will be to compile and promote the largest collection of top quality, beautiful, original works of art possible. All of these unique pieces will all have one common theme - beauty above and below the water of British Columbia.

From signed originals, to quality merchandise including scuba t-shirts and clothes, books, calendars, furniture, prints, posters, photos, sculptures and other collector items, they will all soon be listed on this site.

Check back here often as our artists complete their beautiful creations and list them on this site for sale.

And if you are a British Columbia artist and wish to be considered for inclusion on CoolDives, please contact us and provide us with samples of your work and ideas.

Watch out Lassen and Wyland, there will soon be some new marine artists gaining world-wide attention!

January 24 & 25, 2009 - Vancouver Divers Weekend

Bring your certification card and save 50% off the admission price at Vancouver's 10th Divers Weekend.

Come celebrate British Columbia’s world-class scuba diving with special dive shows, presentations and displays throughout the Aquarium.

The Historical Dive Society will 'go retro' as they enter the shark exhibit wearing scuba gear from the 1940's.

But if you want to be more modern, there is a dive gear fashion show!

There will be over two dozen displays and lots of local dive experts to talk to.

See the Vancouver Aquarium's website for more information.

See you at the show.

December 3, 2008 - Diving in BC - What A Great Time To Dive

With the Canadian dollar dropping to around $0.80 US, gas prices way down, and hotels and dive resorts offering bargain winter dive rates, this is a great time to dive in British Columbia!

As you can see from this recent article about diving in Nanaimo, British Columbia, is not only a great dive destination, fall/winter is a great time to dive as well!

Oh yeah, the visibility is great too!

Come and see why British Columbia is becoming known as one of the best dive destinations in the world, and one of the best places in the world to visit and explore.

November 20, 2008 - Sechelt, Sunshine Coast Rental Suite

I came across this nice, beachfront rental suite near Sechelt, BC that is ideal for divers.

It is called the Tuwanek Waterfront Suite and is located near some interesting towns and great dive sites. Beautiful view, clean suite, boat dock, and a deck with a BBQ and hot tub.

If you want your own suite instead of a hotel or resort, this is a great place to consider.

It is so close to the Tuwanek Spit shore dive site, you can see the islets from the deck in this picture.

November 15, 2008 - BC Dive Industry Newsletter

The Fall 2008 issue of the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia Newsletter is out.

For information on upcoming events, dive industry news, travel information and information for traveling in British Columbia, review their latest Diving in British Columbia newsletter in PDF format.

October 28, 2008 - Great Map of B.C.'s Popular Dive Sites

Our friends at Northwest Dive News Magazine and the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia have put together this terrific map of British Columbia's best dive sites.

While there are hundreds of awesome dive sites in BC, for beginners all the way up to expert divers, this map lists some of the more popular sites by geographical area, and includes a brief indicator of dive depth and training required.

Follow the link above for a PDF full page color version, and dive in to this site to start booking your dives.

October 20, 2008 - Diving in B.C. Recognized As Some Of The Best, Again

This beautiful picture looks like it came from the tropics, but in fact it was taken by Advanced Diver magazine Chief Staff Writer/Photographer, John Rawlings, up at Browning Wall near Port Hardy.

The October hard copy issue of this great dive magazine features John's article on the great diving near Port Hardy, and their free on-line ezine has a great article on the diving in Nootka Sound in their latest issue.

Follow the links above and subscribe to their free ezine to read the article.

Also, Fodor's book 'Adventure Travel' just listed Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as one of the world's top dive sites (but we already knew that!)

And, Lonely Planet, Australia's Travel Guide, just listed Canada as one of the best places in the world to visit.

I guess our secret is out!?

September 22, 2008 - CoolDives Welcomes Luxury Diving Near Victoria, B.C.

CoolDives is pleased to introduce RockFish Divers to our viewers.

Rockfish Divers operate out of the PADI accredited 5 Star Dive Resort at Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa.

In addition to daily dive charters in Saanich Inlet and the Gulf Islands, they offer a full range of PADI dive lessons and certifications, rental dive gear, eco-adventure tours, and more.

There is also an on-site marina, ocean kayak rentals, luxury accommodation, fine dining and an apres-dive pub.

September 16, 2008 - Another Great Dive Site Added - Fearney Bluffs

Another one of BC's most popular dive sites has now been included on our website.

Fearney Bluffs is located near Pender Harbour on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and is a great wall dive not to be missed.

There is a ton of colorful marine life, usually has great visibility, and beautiful above ground scenery which help to make it another of B.C.'s top dive sites.

It is also very close to the Sunshine Coast Resort which as you can see from the links on this page, is offering very good dive accommodation rates.

September 14, 2008 - Diving in BC With Sea Otters

While maybe not of interest to everyone, we mentioned we would post links that we found interesting, so when we saw this article about the recovering Sea Otter population around Vancouver Island, we thought we'd post it here.

About a year ago, 2 Sea Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium were instant celebrities with this cute video.

It's great seeing them floating around in the kelp beds while you're out on the water.

September 8, 2008 - Review of the Nautilus Explorer Liveaboard - "A Superb Trip"

Steven Trainoff of Goleta, California recently completed a liveaboard adventure of a lifetime on the Nautilus Explorer.

2009 is starting to book up already so read his Nautilus Explorer review and contact CoolDives to reserve your spot.

From icebergs to amazing marine life above and below the surface, this was one very 'cool' scuba diving adventure trip!

September 5, 2008 - Great Dive Prices at the Sunshine Coast Resort

While hurricanes are cooling down tropical diving, diving on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is heating up!

Effective September 9th, fall rates are in effect at the Sunshine Coast Resort Hotel & Marina, with nightly savings of around 30%.

Whether you are looking for lower cost 'hotel-style' accommodation, a luxury penthouse, or a luxury chalet, their prices for divers just got better.

Check out the link above for local diving, eco-tour, scenic tour, ocean kayaking, boat rental, and other Sunshine Coast attraction information.

Diving in BC is at it's hottest (best) in the fall to spring months - check it out!!

August 28, 2008 - Dive Nootka Sound And Help The Gorgonian Corals

You don't need to go to the tropical waters to help protect and save the coral.

Beautiful pink and red Gorgonian sea fans, which are rarely seen in B.C. due to their normal depth, are found in the Nootka Sound area. Unfortunately, they are in danger of being destroyed due to deep dragging nets from commercial fishing vessels.

Join Tahtsa Dive Charters in their conservation efforts on October 2-5, 2008. They need your help to dive the area and collect data on the corals.

They have put together a great weekend package for experienced divers, and have great pricing on the dive accommodation, meal and diving in Nootka Sound package.

See the Tahtsa Dive Charters page and their Newsletter for more information and to see how you can dive this beautiful area and help the corals.

Ask Scott or Jude about the CoolDives package price.

August 26, 2008 - Former HMCS Annapolis is Sinking Near Vancouver, B.C.

The former HMCS Annapolis, the last of the West Coast steam turbine, Sea King helicopter carrying, destroyer escort ships, is soon to become the best of the many artificial wrecks that are now available for diving in BC.

You can be part of the team that helps to sink her by volunteering to help the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, or you can join the waiting list to dive her in 2009.

Click the link above for more details.

August 26, 2008 - Sharks Near Vancouver, B.C.

I knew we could see some large marine life and some unusual animals while diving in BC, but I didn't know we had Basking Sharks here, the second largest fish in the ocean besides the Whale Shark?

This recent article about B.C.'s Basking Shark came as a bit of a surprise to me.

While they are elusive and gentle, I don't know that I would want to come face-to-face with one.

August 16, 2008 - New Scuba Equipment Labels & Tags

We came across a new scuba diving product that we thought was a great idea - customized scuba tank and bcd tags, and dive mask strap and luggage tags.

These durable name tags allow you to identify your scuba equipment both on top of the water and below. You can get them custom embroidered with your name, logo, dive shop name, etc., and they are specifically made for scuba diving equipment.

They are great for locating your gear, your dive buddy, or your dive group, and we think for the price and convenience they are a great deal.

As you can see, we have our set of equipment tags already.

July 29, 2008 - Diving in Port Hardy makes Headlines Again

Once again, the wonderful diving in Port Hardy has made it into the Northwest Dive News magazine - this time the July 2008 edition.

In a quote from the author of the article, Barb Roy, "This is a site where divers realize just how amazing Mother Nature's paint box can be!"

As we mention in our diving books and magazines section, we like this dive magazine since it frequently has some great articles and pictures about some of the best dive sites in BC, and some of the best secret dive sites too!?

It specializes in cold water diving sites in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but also features articles on some nice tropical sites too.

Click for more 2009 Cool Diving News

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