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Whytecliffe Dive Site

Whytecliffe dive site is one of Vancouver's closest and best dive sites.

British Columbia is an awesome scuba diving and vacation destination, and Vancouver is definitely a ‘world-class’ city.

But while Vancouver is a port city and is surrounded by water, the best dive sites are generally a couple of hours away.

So while you're vacationing in Vancouver, I recommend that you:

- stay at a hotel in Vancouver and do some very good local dives

- take several day trips for some nearby great dives, or

- spend some time visiting Vancouver and then travel and stay at some of the other fantastic dive destinations in British Columbia.

If you want to dive near Vancouver, then you'll want to consider the Whytecliffe dive site.

Whytecliff Park is located near Vancouver in Howe Sound, and has a rugged coastline, spectacular views of the local mountains and boats, and some very colorful underwater scenery. The area became Canada’s first Salt Water Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 1993 and is now well known for its scuba diving.

You can either book ahead to go on an organized trip with one of the local dive operators, or easily find your own way with your diving buddy.

How To get To Whytecliffe Marine Park

From downtown Vancouver, take Georgia Street heading towards Highway 99 – the Sea to Sky Highway - and cross over the famous Lion’s Gate Bridge. Be careful – this is an old bridge that is now a three lane bridge and the number of lanes going each way varies depending on the time of day.

Follow the signs and take the Upper Levels Highway west to Horseshoe Bay. Turn west onto Marine Drive, just before the BC Ferries toll booth. Signs point the way to Whytecliff Marine Park at all major intersections from here. The entrance to Whytecliffe dive site is at the western end of Marine Drive.

What's At Whytecliffe Marine Park?

Whytecliff Marine Park is considered one of Vancouver’s best local dive spots and is good for scuba divers of all levels.

You can find beginners and dive classes exploring the inner cove, and more advanced scuba divers exploring further to the right toward The Cut and deeper dives in the Channel. Tons of local marine life can be found by diving the slopes and walls, which go to around 100 feet and beyond.

There is usually plenty of parking easy water access, and seasonal toilets/showers.

During your dive at Whytecliff dive site, you might see:

- Giant pacific octopus

- seals

- tons of starfish and other invertebrates

- shrimp

- giant ling cod

- rockfish

- flounder

- beautiful plumose anemones

- nudibranch

- cloud sponges, and much more.

During my last night dive here, the bottom came alive with activity as I moved my flashlight around. And as I surfaced, a BC Ferry went sailing past about a hundred meters away. That was a great dive!

You can also see some nice pictures and a dive review at this viewer's Whytecliffe website.

After your dive, please give all of us your opinion by sending in the form at the bottom of the page.

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