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Dodd Narrows Dive Site - Near Nanaimo, B.C.

Just a few miles southeast of Nanaimo is Dodd Narrows, considered to be another one of the best dive sites in British Columbia.

This channel is only 55 meters (180 feet) wide at the narrowest point, with a maximum depth of 33 meters (108 feet). It is a drift dive and because of the British Columbia tides you should be an experienced diver to dive the Narrows!

With strong currents of up to 8 or 9 knots, this site can only be dived from a boat at slack water.

As always, I recommend diving with a group from a local Dodd Narrows dive operator.

The strong, nutrient rich currents in this channel create an ideal habitat for a fantastic assortment of colorful marine life.

The Mudge Island side of the Narrows with colorful, fully covered vertical faces and overhangs is the best side to dive.

You can expect to see Sea Anemone, Aggregating Anemone, Sea Stars, Mosshead Warbonnets, Puget Sound King Crab, Orange Cup Corals, Red Irish Lords, Rockfish and Cod, salmon, and with salmon comes seals and Sea lions.

All dive information on this site is intended for general information purposes only.

Before diving anywhere, I suggest you talk with an experienced local Nanaimo dive store in the area you wish to dive.

When possible, dive with a group, and always dive with a buddy.

Please remember to return here and complete a dive site review after your dives.

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