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Dive Destination Alert!

British Columbia Has Some of the World's Best Scuba Diving!

What Makes British Columbia Such A Great Dive Destination?

Simply put – the sights above and below the cool waters of British Columbia are absolutely spectacular!

Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific West Coast of Canada, is a world-class city known for being one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world.

It is remembered fondly for Expo 86, its’ model of downtown growth and development is beautiful and is being copied by major cities around the world, it was a host city for the 2007 FIFA Under 20 Soccer World Cup, and will be co-host (along with the world famous number one ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia) of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

But besides that, Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia is increasingly becoming known as a great dive destination for its’ spectacular scenery above and below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

As a result of the following, the waters surrounding Vancouver and Vancouver Island are helping to make British Columbia a recognized premiere diving destination:

• Rated by the Jacques Cousteau Society as being among the best destinations in the world for clear waters and diversity of colors and marine life

• 8 diver-friendly, incredible artificial reefs, including a sunken 737 airplane, strategically located close to Vancouver on Vancouver Island

• Numerous sheltered, spectacular dive sites all serviced by friendly, knowledgeable, top quality, PADI, NAUI and National Geographic Certified dive stores and dive charter operators

• Great dive sites, challenging drift dives, awesome deep dives, colorful wall and deep drop-off dives, mysterious shipwrecks, underwater caves, colorful natural reefs, beginner dives, shore dives, Advanced dives, you name it – British Columbia has it!

• More marine life per square inch than most other locations in the world

• Cool waters with run-off from our rain forests which provide excellent nutrients for the abundant and diverse cool water marine life (best in North America, second best in the world)

• All weather, year round diving abilities, with great visibility and great locations

• World class restaurants, hotels, dive resorts, sports, cultural, arts and entertainment facilities, and incredible indoor and outdoor attractions

• You can literally dive in the morning and go world-class downhill skiing in the afternoon (or play a round of golf)

Why not give it a try for your next scuba diving holiday?

Once you've enjoyed your cool water diving holiday, you will want to come back and dive British Columbia again.

As a warm-up for your return though, you can check out Kauai Hawaii scuba diving or Florida scuba diving for some easier, warm water dives.

And of course, there is always Thailand:

Diving Phuket Phuket Dive Guide. Liveaboard trips to the Andaman Coast, including the Similan Islands. Phuket Diving Operators and information.

And a new web portal with general dive destination information from areas around the world is Top Dive".

Happy and Safe Dives at whatever dive destination you choose!

Why is British Columbia such an amazing place to dive?

British Columbia is also a great place to take scuba diving lessons - once you're trained here you can dive anywhere else in the world.

Read more about our scuba dive destination awards

I still prefer to consult a local expert for my trips. A Vancouver travel agent can put a great scuba diving or family adventure vacation package together for you, or our divemaster can lead you on your dives.

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