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Scuba Equipment - What To Buy Before You Try?

Before you try scuba diving, you need to know what scuba equipment to buy and what to rent.

Some call it scuba equipment and some call it scuba diving equiptment. Whatever you call it - read this before you rush out and buy lots of expensive gear.

Scuba diving in and around the waters of Vancouver, British Columbia, offers some of the best ‘cool’ water scuba diving in the world.

I’ll talk more about how cool the Vancouver water really is later, but before you are ready to start diving, you will need some basic necessary equipment.

Now, if you really don’t want to spend any money, you can talk to your local Scuba Dive shop where you will sign up for the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Course, and arrange to rent all your gear.

However, for the following reasons, I suggest you purchase your own personal scuba diving equipment:

• Hygiene – who knows how many other people have used the gear? A quick rinse isn’t going to kill all the germs and viruses

• Comfort – every piece of scuba diving equipment is different, so once you find scuba gear that fits and is comfortable, you will want to keep using it

• Confidence – once you are comfortable with the fit, condition and maintenance of your scuba diving gear, you will be more confident in the water

• Convenience – whether you swim in a pool, like to snorkel, or plan to dive as much as possible for the rest of your life, it is best to have your own gear properly maintained and ready to use

• Cost – the cost of renting used scuba gear adds up over time, so for all the reasons mentioned above, it works out better and cheaper in the long run to buy quality scuba gear for yourself.

Depending on where you plan to do your scuba diving, personal scuba diving equipment usually consists of your mask, snorkel, fins, mitts and boots.

Even if you are going to do your warm-up dives in the Caribbean prior to attempting the beautiful, Emerald green waters of British Columbia, the mitts and boots will help while stepping on the rocks and dead coral on the beach.

Click the following links for information and tips on buying your necessary personal scuba diving equipment:

• Scuba mask

• Scuba snorkel

• Scuba fins

• Scuba Boots & Gloves

Once you have your personal gear and take your lessons, you will probably want to consider buying more scuba equipment

Introducing New Scuba Equipment

From time-to-time, we find new pieces of dive equipment that we think are worth mentioning:

Check out these new Dive Equipment labels for your own safety and security of your dive equipment.

The H.E.L.P handheld emergency locator device is a great new piece of diver safety equipment that everyone should carry with them.

It is small, lightweight, easy to use, reuseable, and affordable, and in an emergency situation helps you be seen from up to 3,000 meters.

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