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British Columbia Facts

For Your Diving Holiday

Here are a few quick British Columbia facts to consider when planning your scuba diving and adventure holiday:

• British Columbia is fast becoming one of the premiere scuba diving destinations in the world, and is very affordable

• British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada, is bigger than any of the United States except Alaska, and is four times bigger than my previous home country of Great Britain (where there are lots of cold water scuba divers)

• British Columbia has over 27,000 kilometers (16,000 miles) of beautiful, stunning coastline to see, explore and dive

• Tourism, forestry, fishing and mining are our four main industries, with eco-tourism and dive tourism growing at an incredible rate

• In a recent tourism study, British Columbia received the highest appeal rating from scuba divers and snorkelers for any Canadian Province or Territory

• British Columbia has many different regions in terms of climate and terrain. Along the Pacific Coast where most of our incredible dive sites are located, the spring and fall seasons are quite mild, summers are wonderfully warm, and winters are still quite mild but wet

• Loonies and twonies (pronounced too-nies) are accepted here. In fact, a loonie is a $1 coin and a twonie is a $2 coin. The official currency is the Canadian dollar, but American dollars are accepted in most places. It is usually best to convert foreign currencies into Canadian dollars before you come, at a bank, or at a currency exchange center in order to get the most bang for your buck

• Traveler’s cheques (Non-Canadians spell it ‘checks’), Interac payments and most major credit cards are readily acceptable

• British Columbia offers an incredible array of activities, no matter your age, interests, physical condition or ability

• British Columbia borders (again, lots of cold water divers), Idaho and Montana, and is easily accessable by air, sea or land

British Columbia Facts


• In British Columbia, it may be possible to combine any of the following activities in any one given day:

- Scuba diving, swimming or snorkeling

- Boating – power, sail or windsurfing

- Fishing – ocean or fresh water

- Ocean or lake kayaking

- Hiking or walking

- Canoeing

- White water rafting

- Whale watching, beach combing or sight seeing

- Skiing, heli-skiing, snow shoeing or snow boarding

- Golfing

- Caving, rock or mountain climbing

- Biking,extreme downhill biking, roller blading,or jogging

- Wildlife hunting

- Eating at a world class restaurant

- Attending an NHL Hockey game, CFL Football Game, world famous Fireworks show, opera, museum, play, symphony, art gallery, 2010 Winter Olympic activity,, rock concert, soccer game,, tourist attraction, wonderful wine sampling, and much more.

There are many more British Columbia facts to consider. Your opportunities here in British Columbia are endless – rain or shine – spring, summer, fall or winter.

Come and dive, come and explore!

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