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Hornby Island Scuba Diving - Six Gill Shark Territory

Why Hornby Island?

There are many great dives in and around the Gulf Islands that I will be adding more information on in the future. For now, I want to recommend the unusual and fascinating site called Flora Islet, located in the Gulf Islands.

Why is it unusual? Just ask the Six Gill Sharks.

Six Gill sharks are prehistoric monsters that usually live at great depths, thousands of feet below the surface. They are rarely seen by recreational scuba divers.

For some unknown reason, these 2 – 3 meter (6-15 foot) long sharks slowly cruise the shallows of Flora Islet during the summer months. They can typically be found at depths between 20-30 meters(60-100 feet)swimming along the wall's edge.

If you are an intermediate to advanced scuba diver wanting a unique experience, then dive here for your chance to swim with these elusive light grey 6 Gill Sharks.

The sharks aren’t known to bite, but they are still sharks so be careful, and the depth of the drop-off and the currents combine to make this a somewhat advanced dive.

You'll probably want to arrange your dives with a local dive equipment store, or book a Hornby Island dive holiday package.

Remember, all dive information on this site is intended for general information purposes only.

When possible, dive with a group, and always dive with a buddy.

Please remember to submit a dive site review for Flora Islet and the Six Gill Sharks.

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