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Other Interesting Scuba Links

Online Scuba Equipment

I have reviewed and compared many of the on-line suppliers of new and used scuba diving equipment and was the most impressed with LeisurePro. Check out their prices, price protection policy, warranty and customer service.

Scuba Equipment Labels/Tags

Custom, heavy-duty tank tags, bcd tags, mask straps, and luggage tags for scuba divers. Their "Combination Pack" for only $24.00, is the best deal.

More details are on my Scuba Diving labels page.

Scuba Forums and Information Sites

If you are interested in scuba diving, please don't hesitate to check out these related links.

These sites are full of relevant information and are all about promoting safe and informative scuba diving in British Columbia and around the world.

Dive Zero is a portal focusing on the culture and lifestyle of scuba diving.

They have produced a growing list of products, such as Dive Zero Virtual "page-flip" magazine, Dive Zero high definition video magazine, Dive Zero Images, Dive Zero Internet TV and an online scuba diving community at the Dive Village.

With all 5 sources of scuba media, Dive Zero is the one stop to fill all of your scuba diving needs.

ScubaBoard is an informative on-line forum with many contributors from around the world.

From a forum just to say 'hello' to forums for specific dive areas of the world, this site has a good amount of information already accessible and knowledgeable divers ready to answer your questions.

Scuba Diving (Photos) - TOP.ORGTop.Org is a website devoted to compiling links to diving related companies around the world and ranking their websites. Click in and give your vote (please!?)

Diver Directory - Links to Scuba Diving Websites
Diver Directory is a collection of links to Scuba Diving websites. Sites are arranged into categories / sub-categories and regions / sub-regions.

The Alberta Underwater Council is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting safe and responsible skin and scuba diving, along with other underwater sports, in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

If you live in Alberta, or are planning a visit, check out their website to learn more.....

Seattle Washington, just a few hours south of Vancouver, offers some great diving in Puget Sound also.

Click on the Scuba Schools link for information on obtaining your scuba license in the Seattle (and lots of other U.S. locations) area.

Whether it is your basic Open Water Certification or a divemaster or specialty course you're after, give them a try.

Scuba Diving Photos

Taking underwater scuba photos is very much an art, and I am definitely not an artist! These beautiful shots were taken by Terrance Fidler, who also provided me with many other great close-ups that are shown throughout this site.

The color and details are incredible, as are the underwater sights here in British Columbia.

Another great underwater photographer and videographer is Mark Leichnitz,who is also a dive instructor,divemaster, and dive buddy.

His 4 minute video clips are beautiful and give you an idea of what to expect here in BC.

They take a minute or two to load, but I highly recommend his services. Click the link below to see the scuba video clips of British Columbia.

I would like to thank them for allowing me to use their pictures to show off the beautiful underwater world of British Columbia. Please view their websites and help support scuba diving in British Columbia.

Coral Reef Films (great photos and underwater videos)

Terrance Fiddler and

Those websites that obtain my approval for a link can use my CoolDives logo to link to my site.

Please contact me at the email address below prior to setting up the link if you haven't already. I will be happy to reciprocate.

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