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Port Hardy Scuba Diving - Unbelievable!

Port Hardy Scuba Diving - A diver's paradise at the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

I started writing this section of my scuba diving website at the southern tip of Vancouver Island in Victoria where I used to live.

Now, as I continue writing about the journey north, I want to load up my SUV, grab the wife, reserve our spot on a BC Ferry, and get over to dive in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island for some more incredible dives.

It is hard to write about the dives and see the Port Hardy YouTube videos without wanting to be there in person.

Thanks to the many divers who have visited already, including the late Jacques Cousteau, and the folks at National Geographic, Advanced Diver Magazine, Scuba Diving Magazine, Discovery Channel and Imax Films, this absolutely beautiful spot is recognized as one of the absolute best spots to dive in the world.

I also enjoyed reading these articles about scuba diving in Port Hardy by Northwest Dive News magazine and Victoria and Vancouver Island Travel Magazine.

The newest Provincial Park in the area, God’s Pocket Provincial Park, was given the name ‘God’s Pocket’ for a very good reason.

I don't know enough superlatives to adequately describe the rugged beauty of the Port Hardy area - above and below the water. You need to check it out for yourself!

Port Hardy is at the northern end of Highway 19, and is a year-round scuba diving and wilderness recreational area.

Port Hardy was previously known for its First Nations historical sites, fishing and other natural resources, but aquaculture, eco tourism and Port Hardy scuba diving are quickly becoming the main industries here.

Some of the world’s best scuba diving, fishing and eco tourism resorts are located up here, some of which are only accessible by boat or float plane.

I have never had the pleasure of staying at one of these resorts yet, but I will soon? (Hint, hint, nudge nudge to the owners of these spectacular resorts!)The following information has been provided by those fortunate enough to have dove the area:

"Phenomenal" is the word I hear the most when speaking to Port Hardy scuba divers.

The waters off northern Vancouver Island are among the finest in the world for scuba diving, with their amazing invertebrate life, fascinating wolf eels and octopus, walls loaded with colonies of pink soft coral, colorful anemones, a variety of sponges and starfish, loads of fish including westcoast salmon, seals, sea lions, and the frequent sighting of killer whales from the surface in Johnstone and Queen Charlotte Straits.

The currents in the area can be very strong, ranging from 1 knot all the way to 16+ knots.

Some of the best diving in the Port Hardy area can only be done at precise slack tide, and some are only for expert divers.

It is critical that you know your limits, book your dives with a local Port Hardy Scuba Diving expert, and ensure they know and understand your specific training and experience.

Plan your dive and dive your plan.

There are many excellent dive sites in the Port Hardy area, for divers ranging from beginners to experts. I will begin by talking about three of the favourite sites:

1). Browning Wall

2.) Hunt Rock

3.) Nakwakto Rapids

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