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CoolDives Blog

New Scuba Equipment Label - Great I.D. Tags For Your Dive Gear

I recently came across this new line of scuba equipment labels and luggage tags and thought "what a great idea!"

These new dive equipment identification tags are great for easily identifying your dive gear while traveling or on the surface, or for identifying divers (especially your dive buddy, dive shop group or divemaster) while under water.

As you know, most scuba equipment, especially bcd's, look the same whether you are getting ready on the surface or are diving below.

Have you had a hard time finding your buddy underwater before?

I've lost my dive buddy during a dive before, and it is pretty hard to find him among a group of divers, right?

Conclusion - All divers and dive gear look the same under the water, especially when diving in the emerald green waters of British Columbia.

And for you dive shop operators or scuba charter operators - how hard is it to keep track of your bcd's and equipment bags when preparing for a dive trip, and how hard is it to keep track of which divers are back on board?

Tank Tags for Your Air tanks

With the new scuba equipment "Tank Tag" label system for your aluminum tank, which is easily transferable to your second tank, you can now easily be found under water.

These scuba tank tags can be customized with a brightly colored stiching that includes your name, dive shop name, title (such as divemaster), nickname, dive charter logo, etc., which makes you much more recognizable under water.

The scuba tank labels are made of 3" heavy duty polypropylene webbing that loop around the tank and secures itself with velcro.

You can also use them to identify your dive equipment while on the surface.

They are priced around $19.95, which is pretty good for a one-of-a-kind custom imprint product.

For dive clubs, dive shops and charter operators that order in bigger quantities, they seem to offer discounts.

BCD Name Tags/Labels

The same company has also developed a smaller BCD name tag, to help scuba rental companies number their BCD's, track the divers in their group, identify their dive gear, or to help other divers identify each other under water.

The BCD name labels are made of heavy duty polypropolene as well, with bright color stitching, and they wrap around the BCD shoulder strap.

The custom BCD tags are around $10.00 each.

You can have your name, logo, or even just have them numbered, so it is easy to keep track of each dive kit or returning divers.

Dive Labels - Combo Package/Labels

The best value is to either order with a group, or to buy their scuba equipment label "Combination Pack" for only $24.00, which is a 20% savings.

Identify your tank and your BCD with a scuba equipment label and ensure you can be seen under water.

I use mine to keep my other dive gear (like fins) together when I'm not diving.

If you don't have a luggage label, you can also use them to help identify your luggage while traveling.

Dive Gear Luggage Tags

In addition to their new line of scuba equipment labels, specializes in custom, heavy duty luggage tags and I.D. tags.

I recently asked them to design a luggage tag with the scuba dive flag on one side, with the i.d. label on the other side.

You might see this new product soon as part of their scuba equipment label line of great tags.

You can easily identify both your luggage and yourself as a diver.

Mask Strap Cover

Another unique way to identify your dive equipment as well as another diver both above and below the surface is their custom imprinted dive mask strap covers.

Not only are they comfortable, but they also help identify your mask both above and below the surface.

They retail individually for $19.95.

New Dive Labels

These are new dive equipment products. I like the idea and the product so thought I'd add them here for other divers and dive charter operators to consider.

What do you think?

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