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Teach Scuba Children Basics For Water Safety

Scuba children - yes or no?

There are differing views as to the right age to allow your children to try breathing underwater with scuba equipment. The water pressure, weight of the equipment, risks of entering a different atmosphere, and the inherent risks of scuba diving should be considered.

I will leave this subject to the experts and for you to do your own research.

All I know is I have been snorkeling down to the bottom of lakes, pools and ocean beaches for as long as I can remember and I am still somewhat normal.

I think?

But please, talk with your doctor and do your own research as to the risks and rewards of scuba diving before signing your kids up.

I will be waiting until my son is 12 before we arrange for his scuba birthday party.

PADI has developed some very simple courses for children to introduce them to breathing underwater. As long as Mom or Dad approve, scuba children as young as 8 can take their first exciting breath underwater using scuba equipment.

However, any more in-depth courses do not happen until after they are 12.

Some schools, however, are using the Discover Scuba program to tie science together with real life learning for children.

Scuba diving can be a great family adventure project or scuba diving vacation. Your whole family can come with you and do some snorkeling, ocean kayaking and windsurfing, or, depending on their age, they can also dive with you.

By teaching them to respect the water and their scuba equipment early, they will gain some extra safety awareness while having a great time in the water.

Cody Brown, a 14 year old from Idaho, is one of the world's youngest divers to reach the level of Junior Master Scuba Diver by the age of 12.

His goal is to introduce more kids to the sport of scuba diving, and has published a book called Scuba For Kids," which is available for around $8.50 plus shipping.

I have heard about the book but haven't reviewed it yet, so I can't give my opinion. If you have read it and have comments, please let me know.

Contact one of our local dive shops to ask about scuba children PADI diving courses:

PADI Bubblemaker program

PADI Seal Team Program

Kids over 12 (and anyone else for that matter) that want to try scuba diving before they commit to a PADI scuba diving course should sign up for the next PADI Discover course:

Discover Scuba Program

Scuba Birthday Parties

Another fun way to introduce kids to the undersea world of scuba diving is to plan a scuba themed birthday party.

You can book any of the programs listed above for a group, and put together a very memorable party for your scuba kids.

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