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CoolDives Blog


A Scuba Birthday Party

Is A Party In A Pool

Plan a Cool scuba birthday party and your kids will love it!

My son is 10, and like me, his first passion is soccer (or football for any scuba divers from England that are reading this).

And like me, another passion is being in, on, or near the ocean.

He is watching me closely with excitement and anticipation as I build this website. We have been exchanging ideas for this site for about 2 years now, and we watch many under water adventure shows, such as The Sea Hunters, together.

I have promised him that he can have an introduction to scuba birthday party when he turns 12. Every other year, my wife and I, along with many other parents, will struggle to put together a party that is fun, exciting, and different for him and his friends.

My niece just turned 13 and she had a scuba diving themed birthday party.

She designed her own underwater themed invitations and decorations for the scuba party. My brother contacted his local community swimming pool and local dive shop to put the program together.

Of course, the birthday cake was decorated with an underwater theme as well, but I had already returned home from Victoria and didn’t get to try some.

The girls were excited and nervous for weeks. They were eagerly anticipating their first ever underwater party! What they didn’t know was they were really taking part in a PADI Bubblemaker Program.

They had a brief safety lesson, and then donned the equipment for some time under the water. The pool staff also turned on the wave-maker which this pool was lucky to have. Very cool!

After an hour, they were taught how to safely remove the equipment, and then had an hour to play in the water and on the waterslides. Then it was time to dry-off, eat lunch and cake, and open the presents.

My niece and her friends absolutely loved it! But they had two complaints:

1. The time with the scuba equipment was too short, and

2. They couldn’t go into the deep dive pool with the scuba equipment on

It’s good to know the PADI certified dive instructor followed the rules and wouldn’t let the girls go any deeper than the 6’ that is authorized by PADI.

I came across this Youtube video that shows the fun kids have trying out the equipment.

Their buoyancy isn't that great yet but hey, it sure looks like they're having fun which is all that really matters!

For scuba birthday party and other ideas, check out this birthday party site

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