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Scuba Photos - Post Yours Online

I have many great scuba photos from British Columbia that will be posted here and throughout this site shortly.

In the meantime, if you have some great photos that you would like to be considered for posting on this site for promoting B.C. scuba diving to the world, please email them in jpeg format to the address below, along with your name for proper recognition on the site.

The name of the photographer of all pictures that appear in this site will be properly shown with each picture.

All pictures that are submitted may be used by this website for promotional purposes.

Diving near Vancouver - Photos

Mike Barrass from Vancouver submitted this beautiful sunset picture taken at Kelvin Grove after a great day of diving.

Unfortunately, the nearby Lions Bay residents fought hard to make it near impossible to dive here unless you happen to have a boat or dive kayak.

Parking in the area is not permitted and divers are not made welcome.

Mike Barrass also caught this Fish n chip moment on film.

If you look closely, you can see this ling cod is in the middle of eating some fish n chips.

Pass the tartar sauce please.

Good shot Mike!

Diving in Powell River - Photos

Rob Infanti from Emerald Diving in Powell River submitted this unusual picture of a sponge near Powell River.

Rob Infanti also sent in this colorful underwater shot of an anemone, taken near Powell River.

For more pictures and information about diving in Powell River, click on the Emerald Diving link above.

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