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Ferry Travel To British Columbia's Best Dive Sites

Ferry travel within British Columbia is the best way to access many excellent dive locations along the Coast and Islands of British Columbia.

The main ferry system that takes you between the best dive sites on the Lower Mainland (around Vancouver), the best dive sites on the Sunshine Coast (Gibsons, Sechelt), or on Vancouver Island (Victoria, Nanaimo, Port hardy) is run by BC Ferries. If you've heard about their 'food' before, it is actually getting better!

BC Ferries has many different routes available, with all of them taking you past some incredible scenery enroute to your dive locations.

Look out the window along the way and you could see whales breaching or swimming along, porpoise and dolphins jumping, seals or sea lions, bald eagles, blue herons, Sea Otters, Grizzly or black bears, elk or deer.

Scuba Travel Tip: Your time while on a scuba holiday is incredibly valuable, especially when you are trying to get to a pre-arranged dive departure. Ferry travel on BC Ferries regularly has sailing waits of one hour or more, depending on the season and time of day. You can either take this possible delay into account, or for a fee of CDN $17.50, you can reserve your spot on the ferry.

It is also important to note that the transport of a scuba diving air tank on any ferry, including a BC Ferry, is considered a danger and special precautions must be taken.

Whether you are taking a BC Ferry between any location in British Columbia, or a ferry between Washington State and British Columbia, please read the BC Ferry Travel Safety Precaution information. Boat travel between the USA and British Columbia for your scuba diving holiday is also a possibility.

British Columbia is directly north of Washington State, which has a ferry service that travels between ports along the coast of Washington and southern Vancouver Island. So whether you are traveling between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, or driving up from the Seattle area for your scuba diving holiday, there are several easy, scenic ways to get here.

The COHO Ferry travels between Port Angeles and Victoria - see here for details

The Clipper Ferry operates between Seattle and Ogden Point, a great dive location in Victoria

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