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Scuba Awards For Best Cool Water Diving

Each Year Scuba Diver magazine announces their scuba awards for Best Dive Destinations.

I have subscribed to Rodale’s Scuba Diver Magazine for many years. I love reading the stories and equipment and dive reviews, and looking at the incredible underwater photography.

In addition to their annual dive destination awards, Scuba Diving magazine provides information about diving, travel opportunities, the marine environment, equipment and more. If you're interested in subscribing, order now and get a FREE copy of "Dive Like a Pro", a guide on safety, gear usage and more with your subscription. Click here for more information.

Once you have been here and had the pleasure of diving in our waters, you’ll see why, over the years, readers and divers have ranked British Columbia as:

• Best Scuba Diving Destination in North America

• Best Dive Destination Value in North America

• Best Advanced Scuba Diving

• Best Wall Diving

• Best Fish Life

• Healthiest Marine Environment

• Best Temperate Scuba Diving

• Best Macro Life

• Among the Best Places to Dive with Big Animals

• Among the Best Wreck Diving Locations

• Best Underwater Photography

• Among the Best Visibility

• Best Places You Would Return to

• Simply – one of the best places to visit and dive

Who would have guessed?

Please, after your dive, remember to give us your vote for next year’s awards at Scuba Diver Magazine.

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