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What British Columbia Sights Might I See?

If British Columbia sights are so good, what might you see?

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of varieties of colorful marine life here in the waters around British Columbia.

There is no way I can name them all here, but I will list some of the more interesting animals of British Columbia that you can expect to see at the various dive locations around here.

If you really would like to read more about our local marine life, I will be happy to recommend some books for you to read.

On a good day of diving in the cool waters of British Columbia, you could see any of the following amazing sights: natural and artificial shipwrecks, a 737 airplane, Humpback whales, Gray whales, Orca (killer) whales, Minke Whales, porpoises, white sided dolphins, sea lions, seals, huge kelp beds, Wolf eels, Giant Pacific Octopus, anemones, corals, sponges, salmon, rock cod, giant ling cod, greenling, star fish, sea stars, rose stars, basket stars, giant mussels and swimming scallops, oysters, white plumose anemones, tube worms, Six Gill Sharks, dog-fish, jelly fish, sea urchins, nudibranch, Puget Sound King Crab, Rock and Dungeness crab, Hermit crabs, war bonnets, and even a mermaid (yes, a mermaid!?)

Get a small taste of scuba diving in British Columbia with this great video clip on

The British Columbia sights above the water are equally as impressive.

Keep a look out while heading to your favorite dive site and you might see the whales breaching or spy-hopping, the porpoise and dolphins jumping, seals or sea lions, bald eagles, blue herons, sea otters, grizzly or black bears, deer, or maybe even Sasquatch?

Recently, I had the pleasure of scuba diving in Waikiki and Cozumel and I must say it was pretty darn amazing.

So for British Columbia to be ranked as one of the Best Dive Destinations and Best Marine Life Destinations in the world, it must be good? And it is!!

If you're interested in having someone book your next dive and family adventure vacation here, we recommend a great scuba diving travel agent.

She knows the British Columbia sights, attractions, and best places to stay and dive in British Columbia.

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