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Air travel to Vancouver

Via Our World-Class Airport

Air Travel to British Columbia is easy, but leaving will be hard.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR), dubbed the ‘Gateway to the 2010 Olympics’ being held in Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia in 2010, is our main airport.

It is fitting that a great scuba diving destination like Vancouver, British Columbia has such a great airport.

Vancouver International Airport is a beautiful, modern, airport that has won numerous awards, including Best International Airport, Best North American Airport, and Best Canadian Airport, to name a few.

The interior 'West Coast' themed decorations merit some extra time to tour the facility as well, and it's not often I want to get to an airport early!?

YVR is the second busiest airport in Canada, and services daily non-stop flights to Asia, Europe, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. It is also the hub for Air Canada and Westjet Airlines.

YVR is serviced by taxis, limousines, buses, hotel and parking lot shuttle buses, and car rental agencies, and is only about a 35 – 45 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Our big ticket (read high taxes) item, currently under construction with the hopes of being ready in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, is the Canada Line.

This 19 km (17 mile) Light Rapid Transit system will hopefully provide an easy 30 minute train ride to downtown Vancouver.

Or Travel By Air To Victoria International Airport

If your plan is to dive the under sea gardens around Victoria and Vancouver Island, you might want to consider air travel directly to Victoria International Airport(YYJ).

YYJ is about 22km (20 miles) north of Victoria, British Columbia - the City of Gardens.

This smaller International Airport is also serviced by taxis, limousines, buses, hotel and parking lot shuttle buses, and car rental agencies, and is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Victoria.

As you can see from the image above, there are also small float planes that can take you between Victoria and the lower mainland and also for scenic float plane tours.

Or You Can Even Take A Helicopter ..

When I was working my way through university, I worked for the Canadian Coast Guard for several summers.

While there, I had the opportunity of being transported along the west coast of Vancouver Island by helicopter.

If you have never flown in a helicopter before, I must tell you this is the Best air travel way to see the natural beauty of the West Coast.

There are a number of charter operators of helicopters and small planes on the coast. The most popular helicopter operator is Helijet, which offers a fantastic, reasonably priced, flight between downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria, as well as scenic charter flights.

Important Travel Information

Scuba Travel Tip: The regulations for air travel have changed recently to provide travelers with increased security.

There are changing requirements for passports and rules about what can and cannot be carried on airplanes.

This will have an affect on how you transport your diving gear.

For recent travel updates, click on this link to the Transport Canada website

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