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Train Travel In B.C. - Great Scenic Adventure Tours

Train travel through British Columbia started in 1886 when the last spike was set establishing a coast to coast railway.

While there isn't a great system here for getting between cities like there is in other parts of the world, there are a few ways to travel by train here.

Via Rail is our national railway that offers year round train travel to Vancouver. Check out their site for an interesting old fashioned way to travel to your dive city of Vancouver.

The Via rail Malahat route also offers service between Victoria and Courtney on Vancouver island, with stops near some of Vancouver Island’s best scuba dive sites.

For information on Via Rail trips, click here

Amtrak is also a convenient way to travel from Washington State to downtown Vancouver.

While the train passes by the scenic, seaside town of White Rock, it currently doesn't stop en-route due to customs and immigration issues.

Check out their web site for travel information to your best dive locations – Vancouver, British Columbia.

For Amtrak ticket information....

Scenic Train Tours

During your surface time, there are several sightseeing trips that offer you a spectacular add-on to your dive holiday. Awe-inspiring scenery and memories are just a click away:

The Whistler Mountaineer is a three hour sightseeing ride from Vancouver to the #1 ski resort in the world, Whistler/Blackcomb.

For information on the Whistler Mountaineer trips, click here

The Rocky Mountaineer rail tour offers several incredible overnight scenic trips through British Columbia and into Alberta.

For incredible, Rocky Mountaineer scenic tour info click here

A local Vancouver travel agent can help with your train travel in B.C. If you need a hand, click here

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