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Dr Oz Mangosteen Benefits

According to well known Dr Oz "mangosteen is one of the best possible things you can put in your body."

During an episode of the Oprah show, Dr. Mehmet Oz also stated "...these are some examples that are very ancient healing tools....mangosteen, from Southeast Asia, work as very strong antioxidants, has benefits used in those societies for everything ranging from sexuality to vitality and longevity....these ancient healing approaches really do work."

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The following summary provides a few more facts about the mangosteen.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

- What can factually be said about the mangosteen from scientific research is the following: it appears the phytonutrients in the fruit help maintain intestinal health, neutralize existing free radicals (anti-oxidant), maintain a healthy immune system, support cartilage and joint function, maintain a healthy seasonal respiratory system and relieve minor muscle pain after exercise.

In addition, a double blind human study shows mangosteen used as a mouthwash is effective in treating halitosis (bad breath), plaque and gingivitis (gum disease).

- Mangosteen has been used in traditional South Asian healing for over a thousand years. There are 138 documented medicinal uses for the mangosteen in Eastern Medicine. The most common uses have been as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-microbial, an analgesic, an anti-diarrheal, a gastrointestinal aid, a treatment for skin ailments and, as mentioned above, a sexual aid!?

- The principal biologically active phytonutrients in mangosteen are catechins, polysaccarides, proanthocyanadins, anti-oxidants, sterols and Xanthones which account for most of the medicinal properties of the fruit. There are 200+ known xanthones that occur in nature, typically in lichens, mosses and tree bark — not very tasty!? The family of plants related to St. John’s Wart, of which mangosteen is a member, also contain xanthones. Of the 200 or so known xanthones, mangosteen contains aproximately 43.

- If you want (and can understand) scientific information, go to PubMed and enter mangosteen as your search word - there are many scientific studies with more being done all the time.

- You cannot buy fresh mangosteen fruit in North America and most of Europe because it doesn’t keep well. Even if you did buy the whole fruit, the health benefits of the fruit are in the pericarp (purple rind), not the pulp of the fruit, and the rind tastes very bitter so you wouldn’t eat that anyway.

- Keep in mind that not all mangosteen juices are equal in terms of their health benefits. The main benefits of the fruit are in its pericarp, not the pulp, so unless the juice is a whole fruit puree (pericarp, seeds, pulp)you won’t get the full health benefit. There are also special techniques requires when picking and processing the fruit. Just adding some of the juice in a bottle (with lots of filler such as water) will let you call it mangosteen juice, but that does not mean that it offers any of the benefits mentioned above and in scientific studies.

- Also consider the true benefit of juices that use extracts and concentrates. As already mentioned, the xanthones are in the mangosteen’s bitter rind and fruit concentrates or extracts usually miss most, if not all, of them. As far as we know, there are no store bought brands that are whole fruit, not watered down, and without concentrates, extracts or additives.

- The whole fruit tastes bitter without additives such as other juices. There are several brands out that there that are the whole fruit, so if you try a brand and it tastes bad, try another brand. But read the label carefully.

- The first and most successful company to bring delicious whole fruit mangosteen juice to the marketplace was XanGo. More information about the benefits of whole fruit mangosteen juice can be found on their website.
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