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Cooldives - aka Best Scuba Diving Vacations in British Columbia, is FOR SALE

cooldives is for sale

It's official - after many years of building the very successful, high-ranking www.cooldives.com website and Facebook page, this website is up for sale.

The Cooldives domain name, website and remaining t-shirt stock is available. It has been successful in generating revenue and promoting the BC dive industry both locally and around the world.

Have fun, Be Bold and Dive Cold, and grow it as much or as little as you want. Serious inquiries via cooldives.com only please

Tag Yourself On a BC Wreck and Support the DIABC

Annapolis Wreck vancouver Dive Tags

Dive the Annapolis (or one of our other great artificial reefs),Tag yourself into one of our 8 popular artificial reefs with one of these cool tags, and help keep our wrecks safe for divers and mariners and support the growth of the ARSBC program.

Your voluntary $20 annual tag fee will provide you with a cool, unique, colorful and collectable tag while helping to replace mooring lines and buoys on the various artificial reefs around BC.

Be Bold, Dive Cold, and support this very worthwhile program.

They make great stocking stuffers for the diver(s) in your life!!

Tags available through most BC Dive charter operators including Sunshine Kayaking for Annapolis charters from Vancouver or the Sunshine Coast, and New World Diving for Annapolis charters from Horseshoe Bay.

Awesome Annapolis Dive Video

Great video of the Annapolis shot recently by a guest of Sunshine Kayak and Dive Charters from Gibsons.

The visibility is great and you can see all the life that is already making the Annapolis home.

Regular dive charters to the Annapolis can be arranged from Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, or Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.

See our open dive charters page for more information.

New Sunshine Coast, Annapolis, Vancouver and Howe Sound Dive Charter Operator

Sunshine Coast Dive Charters

Sunshine Kayaking and Dive Charters, located in beautiful Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, now offers dive charters for groups of up to 6 divers with pick-up and drop-off in Gibsons, or customize your own dive trip from Vancouver if you wish.

They have a covered, 32' Eaglecraft suitable for up to 6 divers and offer dive charters to the newly sunk Annapolis near Vancouver, and other popular BC dive sites in Howe Sound, near Gibsons and elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Divemaster/safari leader available, as well as Sunshine Coast rental equipment.

Sunshine Charters also offers snorkel adventures,kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals, lessons, guided tours and retail sales, sailing charters, fishing charters, Gibsons and Keats Island harbour tours, and pretty much anything on the water.

Full Sunshine Coast "Stay and Dive" accommodation and dive charter packages can be arranged too, with a "Divers Special" at a nearby Gibsons Hotel - $ 95 per night, double occupancy, including access to scuba gear rinse and storage area, full breakfast, indoor pool and dry sauna, free wifi and access to business centre.

This Sunshine Coast charter operator is located in Gibsons Landing Harbour on the Sunshine Coast.

Contact us via our Annapolis dive charter request form for more details.

Divers Love Diving in Beautiful British Columbia Waters

Diving in British Columbia turns divers from around the world into cold water believers and lovers of British Columbia.

British Columbia is home to some of the most unique diving in the world. Shipwrecks, artificial reefs, ancient sponge biotherms, diverse marine life, canyons, walls, reefs, sea lions, orcas and humpbacks on the surface... there's more to explore in British Columbia, Canada, than you may realize.

Be Bold Dive Cold in BC.

Annapolis Has Sunk - April 4, 2015

Photo courtesy Russell Clark

Annapolis Has Sunk

The Annapolis is now resting on the bottom of Halkett Bay - congrats to all those who worked so hard to get 'er done!!

May all those that dive her, dive her safely!!

If you are not trained and certified for wreck diving - get certified before diving!

Annapolis Dive Charters are now available for experienced divers, with several different dive charter options available.

Air Refills and Scuba Equipment Rentals near Sechelt, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast air refillsGetting air refills and renting equipment to dive on the beautiful Sunshine Coast isn't easy.

But now, basic equipment and pre-filled air tanks can easily be rented by our friends at the Scuba Shack in Sechelt.

Located right near the popular Tuwanek Spit shore dive and snorkel area, as well as our friends at Pedals & Paddles home of kayak, canoe, and SUP (Standup Paddleboard) rentals and tours, as well as Zodiac tours and charters near Sechelt on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, enjoying scuba diving and other fun activities near Sechelt is now easier than ever.

Need air - now we can help!! Contact us for more info.

Beautiful Diving in British Columbia Video

So much amazing marine life to see in Beautiful British Columbia.

This video is a compilation from some of the best dive sites in British Columbia.

Relax, sit back, watch this beautiful video in full screen, and then contact us to help with your Best Scuba Diving Vacation to British Columbia.

Salmon and Canyon Exploration and Photography Safari

Hooded Nudibranch at God's Pocket Resort - photo by Richard Salas

New and Exciting Scuba Safari for Experienced Divers!

Join the waiting list now for an interesting, challenging, educational, eco-friendly and ton of fun – British Columbia’s first ever exploratory freshwater canyon and salmon photography workshops are about to be launched with trips happening August and September 2014.

Join award winning, incredibly talented professional photographer Eiko Jones as he leads and teaches small groups of divers and underwater photographers the fine art of capturing stunning photos of various species of British Columbia salmon as they travel through fresh water rivers and underwater canyons on Vancouver Island.

These three-dive-day custom salmon and canyon exploration charters will provide you with a unique opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive in clear Vancouver Island river waters along with large numbers of returning salmon during their annual migration.

And 2014 is supposed to provide some record returns!

More details and the information request form is on our Salmon and Canyon Safari page - check it out!

Port Hardy's Finest - God's Pocket Resort

Hooded Nudibranch at God's Pocket Resort - photo by Richard Salas

After hearing so many amazing stories about the great Scuba Diving Vacations to be had at God's Pocket Resort, we are now pleased to be working with them to help divers from around the world experience a cool water trip of a lifetime!

Single divers or groups of up to 12 are well looked after in this wonderful, land-based wilderness dive and adventure resort.

Your hosts, Bill and Annie, along with their crew, offer you one of the best cool water dive experiences imaginable.

And at the end of each season, all divers who booked their God's Pocket Resort trip through Cooldives are entered to win some awesome SWAG - a Cooldives hoody, t-shirt and bumper sticker from our online store.

Are you ready to experience their diver elevator?? Check it out on our God's Pocket info page.

And since they are land-based you can also enjoy some wonderful west coast hiking in between dives or if you're bringing along a non-diver, or perhaps join in a summer resort-based British Columbia kayaking adventure.

25th Anniversary of the Emerald Princess

The sinking of the Emerald Princess statue 25 years ago

Plans are underway for the 25th Anniversary Party for the Emerald Princess underwater sculpture near Powell River.

The creator, Simon Morris will be there on Saturday March 15th between 11 and 3 and will lead a dive to visit his creation.

A catering truck with warm food and beverages will be on site at Mermaid Cove with part proceeds going to a local charity.

And a celebration party will be happening from 6 pm on in the Pow Wow room at the Beach Gardens Resort, and they are also offering discounted accommodation packages....

Be Bold Dive Cold and go down to visit the Mermaid...

March 28, 2013 - Canada's Cool Dives - from Diver Magazine

Diver magazine's Canada's Cool Dives issueThe new issue of DIVER magazine is now hitting the newsstands, and with the heading of Canada's CoolDives - we were flattered and thought they were talking about our promotional website!

Sadly it wasn't about us, but was about some of the best cool water scuba diving in British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

To celebrate their 38th year of publishing, they have put together this list of Canada's very best dive spots, including many British Columbia dive sites and beautiful underwater photos...

More details about Diver magazine can be found on our page about British Columbia related dive books and magazines.

Be Bold Dive Cool - and let cooldives.com help you put together a fantastic scuba diving vacation.

March 7, 2013 - Richmond Reef, Campbell River Popular Dive Site

Palette of color, Richmond Reef Dive Site - photo courtesy Eiko Jones We finally had some time and extra motivation to add a new dive site to our cooldives.com website thanks to the great underwater photos shared by Vancouver Island photographer, Eiko Jones.

With a palette full of colors and a variety of topography and marine life, we are pleased to add Richmond Reef, near Campbell River to our list of best Vancouver Island dive sites.

Like most Campbell River dives, currents are a critical consideration and we recommend this to very experienced divers only.

Have a look at the site, and then get your dive gear and, well, have a look at the site.

Be Bold Dive Cool - You'll Be Amazed What You Will see!

January 16, 2013 - Annapolis Art by Nancy Anna Brown

Diving British Columbia world-class diving and Annapolis art

Another of our favorite diving BC artists is Nancy Anna Brown, who, after volunteering as part of the Cooldives HMCS Annapolis clean-up crew, was inspired to create a beautiful new series of original acrylic paintings.

These beautiful acrylic paintings have vivid colors and textures, and if you look close enough on the Annapolis before or right after she sinks (with a dive light to replace the colors) you may even be able to find the location of the original photo for yourself.

These artist signed original Annapolis acrylic paintings are currently for sale exclusively through Cooldives.com – contact us for more information and Nancy Brown will be in touch.

January 8, 2013 - More Scuba Awards for British Columbia

Diving British Columbia world-class award winning dive destinationWhile the tough economy and high value of the Canadian dollar as compared to the US dollar may have prevented a few people coming to dive and vote for British Columbia, Canada as a top dive destination, we still did pretty well last year.

The Scuba Diving Magazine Top 100 Readers Choice Awards are out and British Columbia diving still ranked at or near the top in many categories:

#1 - Best macro diving in North America

#2 - Best value of diving dollar in North America

#2 - Best overall diving in North America

#2 - Best marine environment in North America

#3 - Best underwater photography

#3 - Best overall destination (tied with Florida)

#4 - Best big animals

#4 - Best advanced diving.

Be Bold Dive Cold - You Will Be Amazed.

Plan your scuba diving vacation with us today.

Would you like a Cool dives scuba diving in British Columbia t-shirt like the one pictured here in black or white?

December 6, 2012 - 7 Tree Island, Our Favorite Dive Site....so far

Seven Tree Island, Port Hardy British Columbia.We've just added our favorite dive site (to date) to our Best Vancouver Island dive sites page - 7 Tree Island located near Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

This wonderful diving BC Islet has something for everyone - amazing walls that seem to go forever and that are so full of life it's incredible, and more shallow, scenic diving with lots of life to photograph on the other side.

This area is truly a diver's and a photographer's paradise - above and below the surface.

Porpoise, eagles, orcas, humpbacks, beautiful scenery and more on the surface, and an incredible amount of colorful marine life on top of life on top of life below.

Our favorite so far....

Be Bold - Dive Cold - and check out Seven Tree Island today.

October 31, 2012 - New shipment in stock - promotional BC Diving merchandise

Diving British Columbia Orca whale t-shirts in black - copyright Cooldives BC Ltd.Diving BC isn't black and white - our emerald green waters are full of amazing colorful marine life and bright colors.

But our cool Orca Scuba Diving in British Columbia t-shirts are now available in black or white.

White t-shirts are available on our Cooldives store page, as are black orca style scuba clothes in:

- men's t-shirts

- men's long sleeve t-shirts

- ladies V-neck t-shirts

- full zip hoodies

- pull-over style hoodies

Like CoolDives on Facebook and you might win one soon - black or white - you choose.

Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest

Breathtaking photographs and text by award-winning photographer David Hall capture the magnificent marine life of North America's West Coast.

The Pacific Coast of North America features the most diverse and visually spectacular marine life of any temperate or cold-water ecosystem on the planet.

From tiny, candy-striped shrimp to the giant Pacific octopus, from alabaster nudibranchs, luminous moon jellyfish, orchid sea stars, and wolf-eels to Steller sea lions, white-sided dolphins, and so much more, David Hall's stunning underwater photographs -- themselves works of art -- reveal both the symbiotic and the predatory relationships in this web of life.

Through state-of-the-art camera equipment and lighting, he has captured our underwater world in a way that will surprise even scuba divers already familiar with it and amaze the rest of us.

An introduction by Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, who has lived on the West Coast of North America almost her entire life and has studied its marine life as well as the fisheries of the high seas, describes her personal experiences with this amazing part of the world and discusses the conservation issues facing this rich yet vulnerable ecosystem. Christopher Newbert, author of the best selling photography book Within a Rainbowed Sea, provides the foreword.

Beneath Cold Seas appeals to a wide audience, including divers and beachcombers; fishers; marine life enthusiasts and scientists; tourists, including cruise ship and ferry passengers; and anyone who appreciates beautiful photography.

Although there are many excellent underwater photography books on tropical locations, this is the first to feature the marine life of the Pacific Northwest and one of the few that focuses on any cold-water location.

Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Click the link at the top of the article for best pricing.

Interested in diving in Port Hardy, British Columbia with David Hall in October, 2012?

See the CoolDives Special Offers page for more information.

July 8, 2012 - Diving with Disabilities in Vancouver, British Columbia

Scuba lessons and charters for diving at the number 1 dive destination in North AmericaScuba diving for those with disabilities allows one to break down both the physical and mental barriers of other sports and physical activities while introducing you to a whole new beautiful and peaceful world.

For Diving BC, CoolDives is pleased to work with specially trained Scuba Instructors with lift-equipped dive boats in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.

For scuba diving lessons, shore dives, and boat dives for non-disabled divers and divers with disabilities, let us help introduce you to the amazing Salish Sea. Contact us for more information.

Be Bold - Dive Cold.

June 18, 2012 - Best Dive Destination in North America - British Columbia

British Columbia number 1 dive destination in North America

Once again, Scuba Diving Magazine has selected British Columbia as the Number 1 Dive Destination in North America.

In their words.....

"Yes, it’s cold, the vis can be limited and tidal currents can rip. But with 17,000 miles of Pacific coastline, British Columbia delivers an impressive dive resume that has consistently placed it at or near the top of this category for the better part of two decades.

Check out our Top 5 lists to see why: B.C. is found on nearly every one, and is No. 1 on the Best Marine Life, Healthiest Marine Environment, Best Macro and Best Wall categories.

From exciting wreck dives and animal encounters with sea lions, harbor seals and wolf eels to gorgeous kelp forests and a plethora of photogenic encrusting invertebrates, B.C.’s rich offerings have deservedly earned Canada’s westernmost province its designation as North America’s Best Destination for Diving."

Be Bold Dive Cold - book your British Columbia dive holiday with Cooldives.com today.

June 7, 2012 - Tofino's Dive Charter Operator Closes

Ocean Planet Adventures, the only dive charter operator in Tofino, has closed the doors for now and moved their operations to Sooke, near Victoria on Vancouver Island.

At this time, we don't know of anywhere else to get scuba gear, air refills, or boat charters in the Tofino and Ucluelet area.

However, you can contact Cooldives to help arrange Tofino/Ucluelet group boat charters of between 6-8 divers.

Too bad and hopefully someone fills the void soon....

July 17, 2011 - Custom Dive Equipment Tags

bcd and tank waterproof labels for dive equipmentWe found these great new dive equipment tags that make labeling and identifying your dive gear quick and easy.

Brought to you by YourBagTag, the same dive industry leaders who also make:

- Custom embroidered scuba tank and bcd labels as seen in the picture below

- Custom embroidered dive mask straps

- Custom dive luggage tags, and

- Custom embroidered wetsuit zipper pulls

These Canadian toonie-sized scuba equipment labels are around 3 cm (1.25 inches) in diameter and are made of fibre-reinforced plastic.

They have your chosen graphic or photo on one side and three lines of custom text on the other - great for diving BC or anywhere.

bcd and tank waterproof labels for dive equipmentAnd of course, they are waterproof and scratch resistant, which makes them an ideal way to label your BCD, wetsuit, drysuit, regulator, camera gear, flashlights, weight pouches, dive bags, luggage – pretty much any dive gear that has a way to fasten the dive equipment gear with the supplied zip tie (or another method) using the predrilled hole in the tag.

Quickly identify your dive gear from all the others at dive resorts and on dive charter boats, or have lost or dropped items returned to you when found.

April 25, 2011 - Colourful marine life abounds for scuba divers off B.C.'s Pacific coast

Scott Stevenson/8arm.com photo

Diving BC got another great plug with this diving in British Columbia article by Dene Moore of the Canadian Press.

While still unknown by many people, both locally and around the world, more and more people are slowly discovering the excitement of exploring the Emerald Sea with the help of British Columbia's dive shop and charter operators.

Remember to plan your dive and dive your plan - dive safe!

Thanks to Scott Stevenson (8arm.com), Lee Newman and Mark Leichnitz for providing their fantastic photographs and input.

Photo on left provided for the article by Scott Stevenson / 8arm.com

Cool Water - Amazing Dives.

Scuba diving vacations in British Columbia, Canada.

March 8, 2011 - Bronze British Columbia Marine Art

Bronze Orca Killer Whale Sculpture Simon Morris custom bronze statues

Another famous well-known British Columbia marine artist has been added to our section on BC Wildlife and Marine Artists.

Simon Morris, well known for our famous Saltery Bay, British Columbia Mermaid statue that is visited by many divers each year, is well known in the diving BC world for his beautiful bronze marine sculptures.

His bronze cast sculptures of mermaids, marine animals, dive figures, and custom bronze statue/sculpture commissions have been added to art collections around the world.

This bronze sculpture of a bull Orca whale is our favorite, with many divers wanting to see and experience Orca whales during their scuba diving vacation in British Columbia.

Stay tuned for more information about his next major contribution to the world-wide dive industry - The Guardian of the Reefs Project.

February 18, 2011 - Mamro Liveaboard Scuba Diving Vacations in British Columbia

Mamro Liveaboard Dive Vacations

The Mamro liveaboard dive boat is for serious divers who wish to experience some of the best cold water diving anywhere in the world.

Perfect for small groups of up to 6 divers who are more concerned about the amazing diving, the owners of the Mamro will ensure your all-inclusive liveaboard British Columbia dive trip is a memorable one.

Because of the spectacular dive areas that the Mamro visits, such as the Gulf Islands, Broughton Archipelago, North Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Browning Pass/Port Hardy area, many professional divers and photographers book their dive trip on the Mamro liveaboard year after year.

The food is good, there is plenty of it, the diving is fantastic and there is plenty of that too.

Spaces fill up fast though with only 6 divers at a time so book your spot today!

November 14, 2010 - Race Rocks and Swordfish Island Dive Review

Race Rocks and Swordfish island dive review - photo by Scott StevensonNow is a great time for scuba diving BC!

Recently, I had a great trip with Pinnacle Dive Charters and Pacific Marine Imaging over in Victoria, British Columbia.

We dove the colorful swim-through at Swordfish Island first, with conditions being calm and viz around 40 feet.

We then crossed over to dive with dozens of Sea Lions near the Race Rocks Light Station.

The dives were planned perfectly at slack, the Sea Lions were amazing to watch as they darted just inches away from us and followed us for around 30 minutes, and everything went perfectly.

Both dives were terrific - click to read my Race Rocks and Swordfish Island dive review.

My dive buddy for the day, Scott Stevenson from Pacific Marine Imaging, is a professional underwater photographer, and provided us with some great photos for our dive review - check them out!

January 17, 2009 - First Newsletter Launched

Cool Diving newsletter We finally have our first Diving in BC newsletter created and an easy-to-complete on-line subscription form working.

Please sign up (see below the tabs on the left of your screen) to see our first Diving BC news letter or to receive copies of future backissues.

To view backissues, go to CoolDives Newsletters

We plan to issue these diving BC information newsletters at least quarterly, or whenever there is enough new information to make them worthwhile.

We will not bombard you with a ton of useless information, and you can easily opt out any time you wish - just good diving BC information.

Please note: If you filled out the previous form, you must unfortunately complete the new opt-in form for security reasons.

Thanks for your continued support of Diving BC.

Diving BC newsletter Click for more Diving BC News...