British Columbia Art - Marine and Wildlife Artists

This British Columbia Art page has long been a dream of ours - to showcase and promote Marine and Wildlife art as created by local British Columbia artists.

The scenery and wildlife in British Columbia is spectacular and we are proud to share it with the world.

And the artists that we select to promote here on the CoolDives site have each been able to capture the amazing natural beauty of British Columbia's scenery, wildlife and marine life in their own special way.

Please take some time to review and appreciate their passion and their work, and follow the links to their CoolDives promotion page and then go through and review the other work on their websites.

In the future, we also hope to be able to incorporate some of their art into 'wearable art' - such as on shirts and other promotional items.

We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do.

Nancy Anna Brown - Annapolis Acrylic Originals and Photos

Annapolis art by Nancy Anna BrownOne of our favorite local BC artists is Nancy Anna Brown, who, after volunteering as part of the Cooldives Annapolis clean-up crew, was inspired to create a beautiful new series of original acrylic paintings which are sure to be loved as new British Columbia art.

Seeing beauty where others just saw an old, former helicopter carrying destroyer that was being meticulously cleaned to become the latest British Columbia artificial reef, Nancy took a series of photos while touring the ship that somehow captured colors and textures that previously went unnoticed.

Annapolis art by Nancy Anna BrownWhile the ‘art’ seen in our first glance at her Annapolis photos took us by surprise, Nancy Anna Brown’s photography and artistic skills are well known by others who have seen her many creations.

Her photography has been short listed for National Geographic Magazine, published in Photoshop Creative Magazine and appears on the front cover of several books and web pages.

These artist signed original Annapolis acrylic paintings are currently for sale exclusively available through, and high-rez pictures of Annapolis art can also be purchased on-line.

These are the first two paintings made with more under development, and special requests from her Annapolis photos can be made.

Contact us for more information about her beautiful British Columbia westcoast art and Nancy will be in touch.

Simon Morris - Bronze Sculptures

The Emerald Princess  - created by Simon Morris, photo courtesy Doug Pemberton

Simon Morris Sculptures are famous around the world and we at Cooldives are pleased to introduce Simon as another amazing British Columbia marine and wildlife artist.

As a diver for many years, Simon has seen some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world and is able to share that beauty with others through his brilliant cast bronze marine, other sculptures and British Columbia art.

Simon is the creator of our famous British Columbia mermaid, a nine-foot tall bronze statue, that was sunk in Saltery Bay near Powell River, British Columbia in 1989.

In 2000, a second casting of British Columbia's mermaid was created and installed underwater at Sunset House in Grand Cayman, British West Indies. This sister mermaid, named 'Amphitrite,' has been voted by Scuba Diving Magazine as the best shore dive on Grand Cayman!

Simon Morris bronze Orca whale statueHis limited edition bronze sculptures are coveted and displayed in private and corporate collections in many countries around the world.

He can be (and has been) commissioned to create beautiful one of a kind bronze sculptures, and has a number of amazing limited series sculptures available for sale through our Simon Morris Sculptures web page.

Judi Wild - Native and Wildlife Art

Spirits of the Whale hand-enhanced giclee print by Judi WildI first saw this picture while walking through a local mall, and was immediately drawn in to the spiritual beauty of the print.

I was also drawn in because I love Orca Whales.

Created by Judi Wild, a renowned local British Columbia wildlife artist who has incredible talent and a deep connection and concern for our natural environment, this "Spirits of the Whale" print is one of a series of 4 similar collages.

Her other work is equally as beautiful - see for yourself.

Click the link above for a larger image, and see if you can find the 25 whales that are on the print. We couldn't!

If are a British Columbia Art sculptor, painter, or other type of artist and wish to be featured on, please contact us.

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