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Scuba Equipment Labels/Tags

BCD tag and tank tag combo scuba equipment labelsCustom, heavy-duty tank tags, bcd tags, mask straps, and luggage tags for scuba divers. Their "Combination Pack" for only $24.00, is the best deal.

More details are on my Scuba Diving labels page.

Seastars of the Pacific Northwest - all you ever wanted to know about British Columbia sea starsSea Stars of the Pacific Northwest - this website, created by Neil McDaniel, includes descriptions of 30 species of sea stars encountered from the intertidal zone to a depth of 30 meters (100 ft) on the Pacific coast of North America from northern California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia and southeast Alaska.

For everything you wanted to know about sea stars but were afraid to ask......

Scuba Forums and Information Sites

If you are interested in scuba diving, please don't hesitate to check out these related links.

These sites are full of relevant information and are all about promoting safe and informative scuba diving in British Columbia and around the world.

DeepBlue Dive Centre - The largest online dive store in the UK, specialising in scuba diving equipment and dive apparelSince opening in 1997, DEEPBLUE has been specializing in scuba diving equipment and dive apparel. They can be located in Whitley Bay near Newcastle Tyne and Wear.

Close to the coast and with a huge dive culture, this North East area is thriving with water enthusiasts whether it is diving, surfing or other water sports. They offer top end service to these North East enthusiasts, as well as those further afield providing the best quality dive equipment and gear at the best possible prices.

They have a team of in house specialists with years of experience, they are more than welcome to assist you and share their invaluable knowledge of diving.

Their main aim is to provide an easy to use, accessible and cheap alternative to buying dive equipment. Their user-friendly website, expert sales team and brand new exclusive catalogue means buying dive equipment has never been this easy.

They are striving to stay ahead of the new growing technologies within the diving world.

SECS - Shipwreck Exploration and Conservation Society - all about wreck dives in British ColumbiaThe Shipwreck Exploration and Conservation Society are a group of local divers passionate about shipwrecks.

Their goal is to explore and document wrecks across British Columbia, then tell you all about them!

Their website has fantastic pictures, historical information and current dive information about some famous and some not-so-famous wrecks.

Discover UK Diving by Will AppleyardDiscover UK Diving has been created by keen diver and amateur photographer Will Appleyard. Will's book is packed full of photographs, comprising stunning coastal scenery, divers in their element and a selection of underwater shots taken while diving his favourite sites along the UK's south coast.

Those new to diving or curious about the sport may often wonder what UK diving has to offer them. "Discover UK Diving" showcases a selection of exciting dive sites, a beautiful array of sealife and visibility often associated with diving abroad. The book is very much Will's personal account, written in a light-hearted manner, with those considering taking the next steps in mind.

ScubaBoard Forum ScubaBoard is an informative on-line forum with many contributors from around the world.

From a forum just to say 'hello' to forums for specific dive areas of the world, this site has a good amount of information already accessible and knowledgeable divers ready to answer your questions.

Alberta Divers Love BC Too!The Alberta Underwater Council is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting safe and responsible skin and scuba diving, along with other underwater sports, in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

If you live in Alberta, or are planning a visit, check out their website to learn more..... Scuba Diving Community at The

All Scuba Diving Sites

The Scuba SchoolsGroup - Seattle Seattle Washington, just a few hours south of Vancouver, offers some great diving in Puget Sound also.

Click on the Scuba Schools link for information on obtaining your scuba license in the Seattle (and lots of other U.S. locations) area.

Whether it is your basic Open Water Certification or a divemaster or specialty course you're after, give them a try.

Scuba Diving Photos

Taking underwater scuba photos is very much an art, and I am definitely not an artist! These beautiful shots were taken by Terrance Fidler, who also provided me with many other great close-ups that are shown throughout this site.

The color and details are incredible, as are the underwater sights here in British Columbia.

diving in British Columbia by photographer Eiko Jones
Eiko Jones Photography presents unique images of our world.

From underwater with sharks and tadpoles to beautiful topside photographs these images show a view of the world that is often overlooked or passed by in our busy lives.

His underwater British Columbia pictures are spectacular and we are thrilled that he will allos us to share some of the images on Cooldives.

diving in British Columbia with wolf eels by photographer Eduardo Baena
Another local British Columbia underwater (and on top) photographer is Eduardo Baena.

Nature is his favourite subject, especially underwater life, although sometimes, like any good artist, he will also shoot architecture, lights, movement and more. Whatever captures his skillful eye.

He has won a couple of contests and some of his pictures have been published in Diver magazine, Canadian Geographic magazine, and in some newspapers. As with any BC underwater photographer, we are happy to be able to share the world they so professionally capture in the lens.

Another great underwater photographer and videographer is Mark Leichnitz,who is also a dive instructor,divemaster, and dive buddy.

His 4 minute video clips are beautiful and give you an idea of what to expect here in BC.

They take a minute or two to load, but I highly recommend his services. Click the link below to see the scuba video clips of British Columbia.

Pink Rose Anemone by Kal KothradeKal Kothrade - diver, artist, professional photographer, t-shirt designer, sculptor, and more.

And now video creator with his Browning Pass, Port Hardy dive video.

Check out his skills at

I would like to thank them for allowing me to use their pictures to show off the beautiful underwater world of British Columbia. Please view their websites and help support scuba diving in British Columbia.

Gods Pocket Resort - Courtesy of Gary Luhm Photography

Gary Luhm Photography - Specializing in sea kayaking, kayak surfing, birding, mountain scenics, tidepools.

This picture is of a trip to God's Pocket Resort in British Columbia.

Marco Pennbrant, Sweden - My name is Marco and I´m from Sweden. I´m planning to travel to BC for your excellent diving and this site helps me a lot. I just like to say that your site is perfect for someone that have never been to BC. I visit your site a couple of times every month to stay updated, as I said before it´s an excellent site about what´s going on in BC - Great job!!

Other Travel Links - Beautiful and spectacular ski resort and year-round outdoor recreational activities - check out Best Sun Peaks for Sun Peaks accommodation and seasonal activity and event information.

Pedals & Paddles - Kayak, canoe, and SUP (Standup Paddleboard) rentals and tours, as well as Zodiac tours and charters near Sechelt on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

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